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It's About Perception

Watermain is a design and strategy firm that curates pleasing aesthetics and resonant messages.

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About Watermain

We Are a Single Source

Our culture is simple.

Group together experienced individuals with their own talents + resources to multiply our effectiveness and professional services.

Our culture is simple. Group together experienced individuals with their own talents + resources to multiply our effectiveness and professional services.

Evan Dobos

Web Technology & Digital Design

Craig Winsor

Design & Production

Natacha Rousseau

Marketing & Business Strategy

What We Do

Design & Stategy

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Track, Change, and Optimize

Strategy & Technology

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • App Developmen
  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-commerce

Technology & Design

  • Logo / Branding Development
  • Business Model Development
  • Digital & Print Strategy


If a brand is to succeed, it needs to be fully understood and internalized by those who are marketing it. This phase is where we ask our clients to get everything out on the table so we can get a true perspective of the project. We set up brainstorming sessions, conduct interviews, research your competitors and the industry itself; all in an effort to create a foundation to grow the campaign from.

It's like an audit. We are attempting to uncover existing marketable assets and identify the strongest opportunities based on where your brand stands today. Getting our team up to speed is time well spent since it ensures that efforts are not wasted. On the contrary, taking the time to understand a brand thoroughly creates a foundation that supports us through the life of a campaign. It keeps our teams aligned with our client's goals and overall business culture.


The strategic phase is the practice of determining targets and then road mapping the best route to the bullseye. After achieving our due diligence through researching the professional environment with which our client is involved, we identify the most favorable outcomes that elevate our clients. This gives a campaign the purpose that both ourselves and our clients fully commit to.

Not another step is taken until every stakeholder involved 100% understands and is excited by the plan.

Officers are assigned, tasks are delegated, and follow ups are scheduled immediately afterwords. Constant communication and responsiveness to developments is a key to a successful campaign.


Our design process relies heavily on the strategic insights gathered up to this point, as well as heavy interaction with our clients. We focus on creating designs that are just as conceptually strong as they are visually in order to highlight the culture and purpose behind the project.

The creative team at Watermain operates with a precise understanding of the role design plays in our lives. Making content aesthetically beautiful is but one step in the process of making successful work. We are problem solvers at heart whose goal is to offer the path of least resistance to a pleasing experience and thorough understanding of the content at hand.

Watermain organizes creative briefs during the to present to tduring the conceptualizing of the aesthetics of the project


The implementation of each medium is an opportunity to create something equally as persuasive as the message itself. The delivery phase is where all of the developed aspects of the campaign are pushed out of the conceptual nest to take flight into the real world. It's when our digital designs are coded and launched, our graphic designs are printed, and the platforms from which we centralize our marketing from is finalized.


A brand is something that is constantly changing. For the better or worse. On purpose or not. The art of nurturing a brand into a realized version of your hopes and dreams requires a close eye on its progression and existence in the marketplace. The good news is that we now have real-world data and performance records that we can monitor and adjust the campaign to.

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Our Areas Of Focus

  • communities
  • cities/towns
  • destinations
  • businesses
  • non-profits
  • entrepreneurs